West Pokot Initiates BREFONS Project to Enhance Food and Nutrition Security

Governor Simon Kachapin inaugurates the Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security (BREFONS) project, funded by the African Development Bank (ADB).

Spanning from 2022 to 2027, the initiative is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock in collaboration with the county Department of Agriculture. It serves as the second phase of the Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihood Programme (DRSLP), aiming to bolster resilience, particularly among women and youth, in food security, nutrition, climate resilience, and peacebuilding.

Key components include an irrigation scheme, boreholes, livestock sale yards, pasture and hay sheds, and other essential infrastructure to advance livestock development in West Pokot, Pokot North, and Central Pokot. The program is part of a broader regional effort encompassing Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

The launch gathered various county partners such as WARMA, ACF, NEMA, county executive and assembly officials, including area MCA Joel Alukulem, nominated MCA Elijah Kasheusheu, CECs Wilfred Long’ironyang (Agriculture & Livestock), William Petot (Water, Environment & Climate Change), Chief Officers Naomi Lemreng (Agriculture and Livestock), Musa Losiangole (PSM and ICT), Raphael Kalomaria (Governor's Office), county directors Peter Kidwaran (Agriculture), Dr. Anthony Wesonga (Livestock), and Dr. Samuel Chelimo of Veterinary Services. Project coordinators Risper Wanasamba (BREFONS), Thomas Wasike (ELRP), and Victor Namboka (ASDSPII) also participated.

Earlier, accompanied by Deputy Governor Robert Komolle, Governor Kachapin inspected various infrastructure projects in Riwo Ward, including Chepkemei Primary School, Katukumwok Primary School, Ausikiyon Dispensary, Our Lady of Mercy Boys Secondary School, and Adurkoit Dispensary.