Born in 1987 in Tiyinei sub-location, Nakuyen Location, Kacheliba Constituency, Deputy Governor Robert Komolle's journey is marked by resilience and commitment to education and public service.


Facing early challenges, he began his primary education at Kacheliba Mix Secondary School, where, despite interruptions due to insecurity, he emerged as a top performer upon returning in 2001. His remarkable dedication led to him achieving a commendable B+ in the KCSE exams in 2006.


Embarking on a higher education path at the University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus, in 2008, Komolle initially pursued double degree programs in Physical & Biological Sciences and Math & Chemistry. Within six months, he redirected his focus to BA (Education), majoring in Math & Business Studies. His academic journey was complemented by an early foray into student politics, becoming the Chair of the Pokot University Students Organization and later ascending to the role of Vice Chair of the Pokot University Students Association (PUSA). In this capacity, he actively engaged in fundraising initiatives for the association, showcasing his leadership skills.


Graduating in 2012, Komolle transitioned into the corporate sector, contributing his skills at Barclays Bank (ABSA) before assuming the role of CDF Manager for Kacheliba Constituency in 2013.


In 2017, he successfully contested the position of Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Suam Ward on a Jubilee ticket, demonstrating his strong connection with the community. Recognized for his outstanding service, he earned a nomination as the running mate to current Governor Simon Kachapin in the 2022 elections, running under the UDA ticket. As Deputy Governor, Robert Komolle continues to channel his experiences and dedication into uplifting West Pokot County, embodying the spirit of service and resilience.