Tourism, Culture, Gender and Social Development


‌‌                EDWIN LOKOMOL
‌                 CHIEF OFFICER                                      SPORTS AND YOUTH AFFAIRS


Vision- To be a leading department in nurturing diversification and make West Pokot County a tourism destination of choice 
‌Mission-To make West Pokot County a top class tourism destination and maximize the potential of youth through participatory engagement 
‌Core values; 
‌Professionalism Fairness, 
‌equity and diversity Integrity, 
‌transparency and accountability 
‌Team spirit
‌ Creativity and innovation .

The mandate of the department is to undertake formulation, coordination, administration of policy and programs with respect to promotion of Tourism, Culture, Sports, Youth, Social and Children Services functions. The department has the responsibility to provide an enabling environment for all stakeholders in the sector.

1) The department protected 50 percent of Nasolot Game reserve, 
‌2) Total of 600,000 community members were educated on importance of conservation of cultural artefacts and this was reached through radio talk shows held.
3) Over 20 tourists attraction sites were identified and the department also conducted 2 day Training workshop on hospitality.
‌4) To co-ordinate, review and implement gender, social and youth development, 4 campaigns, sensitizations held and also trained 1200 people with 20 campaigns done against FGM. 
‌5) 4 Youth Empowerment Centres in operation one in each sub-county namely; makutano youth centre in west pokot subcounty, alale youth centre in pokot north sub-county, chepareria youth center in pokot south and sigor youth center in pokot central. These centres hosted a total of 3000 youths in one year and 80 youths were trained on entrepreneurial skills. 
‌6) Identified and nurtured 115 youth Sports talent. 
‌7) Conducted 22 Football tournaments from the ward level, held 3 Athletics competitions and trained 100 Sports officials. 
‌8) To improve heritage and culture awareness, knowledge appreciation and conservation,4 New cultural sites were identified. 
‌9) Mapped and registered 5 of organized traditional dancers’ groups.

 Project Description Ward Project Status
 Completion Of Cottages Kapenguria On Going
 Construction Of Chepareria Youth Empowerment Center  Chepareria  Complete And Operational
  Construction Of Ecd Classroom At Kaptabuk  Lelan  Complete And Operational
 Construction Of Sintagh Cultural Centre  Tamkal  Complete And Operational
 Renovation Of Konyao Social Hall  Konyao  Complete And Operational
 Equipping Of All Youth Empowerment Centers  Chepareria Mnagei Sigor Alale  On Going
 County Community Service Programm    Not Started
 Fencing Of Makutano Youth Empowerment Centre  Mnagei  Complete And Operational
 Completion Of Leveling Of Nyarkulian Primary School-Tapach  Tapach  Complete And Operational
 Makutano Stadium(Phase 11)  Mnagei  Complete And Not Operational
 Proposed Levelling Of Playing Field Of Tapach And Sina  Tapach  Complete And Operational
 Purchase Of Ten Tractors For County Community Service  Alale Complete And Operational 
 Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment For Tourism Hotel In West Pokot  Riwo Complete And Operational 
 Levelling Of Amangora Playing Field-Alale Ward  Alale  Complete And Operational
 Grading And Levelling Of Sports Fields (Nyarkulian Primary And Tangasia Primary  Tapach  Complete And Operational
Levelling Of Sports Field At Alale   Alale  Complete And Operational
 Levelling Of Sports Field At Kamila  Kiwawa  Complete And Operational
 Field Levelling At Lokichar  Kodich  Complete 
 Field Levelling And Grading Of Totum Primary School  Mnagei  Complete 
 Field Levelling And Grading Of Lityei Galib Mohamed Primary School  Mnagei  Complete 
 Proposed Leveling Of Tapach And Sina Playgrounds  Tapach  Complete 
 Completion Of Leveling Of Nyarkulian Primary School  Tapach  Complete And Operational
 Proposed Levelling Of Playing Fields At Sigor,Chepareria And Runo  Weiwei, Chepareria  Complete And Operational
‌ Sports 
‌Social development