Lands, Housing & Physical Planning



The overall goal of the ministry to ensure there is sustainable management of the land resource and securing of land tenure, maintain high standard of county development by developing appropriate planning tools and systems and providing support and accurate information on the county land ownership.

‌A competitive organization in sustainable management of land, urban development and the built environment in West Pokot County 

‌To facilitate efficient land management, urban development, access to adequate and affordable housing, social and physical infrastructure for the development of the County.
     The Housing section in the Lands Department handles;
     Construction of housing units
     Slum upgrading in Kapenguria municipality
     Establishment of Appropriate Building Technology (ABT) center

‌Land Administration
‌    The section deals with;
‌    Establishment of Lands Registry
‌    Digitization of records
‌Establishment of land control boards

‌Land Development
    The land, housing, physical planning and urban development has done the following activities:
    Connection of street lights in urban centres including Ortum, Chepareria, Turkwel, Chepkono, Lomut, Kabichbich Alale, Sigor, Lomut, Kacheliba among others
    Construction of 40 toilets in Parua, Amakuriat and Chepareria
    Tarmacking of inner roads at Ortum And Chepareria
    Rehabilitation of 18 municipal roads among them Comboni-Bondeni Road, Cooperative-St. Mary’s-Sakas Road And Deliverance Church-Mawingo Road
    Rehabilitation of Kapenguria dumpsite
    Establishment of geographical information system (GIS) laboratory in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)
    Physical planning of urban towns like Lomut, Nyangaita, Akiriamet, Ptikit and Chesta
    Refurbishment of bus park at Makutano town

Physical Planning
‌    The section is mandated with the following roles; 
‌    Preparation of Local Physical development plans
‌    Preparation of spatial plan
‌    Preparation of Part Development Plans
‌    Preparation of subdivision schemes
‌    Acquisition of title deeds for public land
  ‌  Management of the Geographic Information System lab in collaboration with the Department of ICT

‌    The survey section handles the following roles
‌    Digitization of county land maps
‌    Cadastral survey
‌    Purchase of survey equipment
  ‌  Land subdivision of group ranches and demarcation of trust land and
‌    Documentation of settlement schemes

Urban Development
‌    The Urban Development engages in the following activities;
‌    Installation of street lights
‌    Tarmacking and opening up of roads
‌    Construction of parking bays
‌    Construction of toilets
‌    Beautification by flowers and trees
‌    Purchasing land and setting up dumpsites
‌    Construction of drainage system
‌    Purchase of land
‌    Erecting the signage
The Kapenguria Municipality is mandated with the following functions under the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011, the County Government Act 2012, the Public Finance     Management Act 2012, West Pokot County;
‌    Constructing Parking bays in Makutano town
‌    Installing street/security lights within the municipality
‌    Taking inventory of plots within the municipality
‌    Preparing the Municipality Integrated Development plan
‌    Constructing Storied market block in Makutano
‌    Constructing Fresh produce Market in siyoi, Keringet, Murkwijit.
‌    Constructing public toilets within municipality
‌    Beautification of the Municipality with flowers, trees, etc
‌    Procuring land for and setting up dumpsites within the municipality
‌    Tarmacking and opening of access roads
‌    Construction of drainage system
‌    Erecting the signage
‌    Preparation of Local Physical Development Plans
‌    Preparation of Part Development Plans
‌    Preparation of subdivision schemes
‌    Setting up of fire station
‌    Acquisition of land and title deeds ‌

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Tarmacking of Urban Roads- Construction of tarmacked roads complete in Kapenguria, Chepareria and Ortum towns. Works at Kacheliba town is at 68%. 
‌Installation of street lights- Installed Street lights in all major towns within the county; - Kapenguria Municipality, Chepareria, Ortum, Kacheliba, Sigor, Alale, Kabichbich, with works and ongoing at Tapach, Sina and Kamelei centres. 
County Solid Waste Management System- to ensure a clean and healthy environment, the department has purchased parcels of land for dumpsites. 
Preparation of County Urban intergrated Development Plans- Kapenguria Charter done, Integrated plan for Kapenguria Municipality done, 10-year Spatial Plan spatial plan completed waiting launch and dissemination to ensure controlled sustainable urban development.

  • Connection of street lights in urban centres including Ortum, Chepareria, Chepkono, Lomut, Kabichbich, Alale, Sigor, Kacheliba among others. 
  • Construction of Makutano market stalls in Mnagei ward. 
  • ‌Purchase of modern refuse truck in Mnagei ward.
  • ‌Construction of fire station in Mnagei ward. 
  • ‌Refurbishment of bus park at Makutano town. 
  • ‌Establishment of Geographical Information system (GIS) laboratory in partnership with FAO and EU. The lab is essential in storing data base of the county mapping of resources, preparation of land use plans and valuation roles. 
  • ‌Development of the county spatial plan which provides basis for development control in the county hence helps in budgeting process across all the ministries. 
  • ‌Physical planning of urban towns. Lomut, Nyang’aita, Akiriamet, Pkitit and Chesta. Other more are ongoing. 
  • ‌Rehabilitation of Kapenguria Dumpsite in Mnagei ward. 
  • ‌Construction of pit latrines in trading centres and markets including Lomut market, Chesegon trading centre and Kokworitit in Lomut ward, Parua in batei ward, Tapach market, Mwotot market and Kamelei in Tapach ward, Cheptuya market, Keringet in Mnagei ward, Kabichbich market in Lelen ward, Chepareria in Chepareria ward, Katikomor in Riwo ward and Tikit in Masol wardd.