West Pokot County Leads Massive Deworming and Vaccination Campaign for Livestock

As the deworming and LCD vaccination campaign continues throughout the county, residents are encouraged to bring their livestock to take advantage of the services provided by the County Government of West Pokot, led by Governor Simon Kachapin, in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Veterinarians Without Borders Germany (VSF).

To date, the initiative has treated over 104,816 livestock, including 11,136 cattle, 207 camels, 64,004 goats, and 29,469 sheep in Kipkomo, West Pokot, Pokot Central, and Pokot South sub-counties.

The department of agriculture and livestock led by county executive committee member Hon. Wilfred Longronyang and Chief officer Naomi Lemreng has and will continue to provide  extension services through education and training to farmers on modern farming techniques, pest and disease control, soil management, and efficient use of inputs, livestock development by implementing programs to improve livestock health and productivity, including vaccination, deworming, breeding services, and disease surveillance and crop production support in collaboration with the national government and development partners by offering support  through the provision of subsidized seeds, fertilizers, irrigation services, and other inputs which also includes promoting diversified and climate-resilient crops.

The department has strived to ensure agriculture, livestock and fisheries extension officers are domiciled at the ward level bringing services closer to the community.