Stakeholders Celebrate Ustahimilivu Project’s Impact on Food Security and Nutrition

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle led stakeholders in a closeout meeting for the four-year Ustahimilivu Project today. Held at Mtelo Hall grounds in Kapenguria, the 4.5-million-euro initiative brought together county officials, consortium partners, and beneficiaries to celebrate its success and plan for a sustainable future.

The Ustahimilivu Project indirectly benefited 19,000 households by enhancing food security and nutrition. During the celebration, key stakeholders emphasized the importance of ongoing collaboration to support economic growth and community well-being.

"We will continue to find ways to collaborate to support our communities economically," said Deputy Governor Komolle. He highlighted the project's positive impact on communities and stated that the county would partner with the national government and other entities to ensure its sustainability.

“We are committed to working together on best practices and supporting our farmers to ensure their products reach markets and generate income,” he added.

A notable achievement of the project was the formation of resilience groups in Central Pokot, which are involved in beekeeping, mango farming, and horticulture development. To strengthen conservation efforts, 76 rangers were recruited in Pellow and Masol conservancies to promote environmental conservation.

NRT CEO Tom Lalampaa reflected on the journey since the project's inception in 2015, acknowledging the county's close collaboration with the consortium to overcome early challenges.

“Building resilience is crucial as we all face the impacts of climate change. We’ve worked with Masol and Pellow communities in collaboration with the county, and despite challenges, we have made significant progress,” Lalampaa noted. He praised West Pokot for providing a conducive environment for the project's implementation, highlighting the development of diverse value chains such as beekeeping, mango farming, and pasture development.

Later, the deputy governor and the consortium flagged off 20 motorbikes to benefit communities in Central Pokot.