St. George Baptist Church Enhances Water and Health Access in Batei Ward

Governor Simon Kachapin commissioned the Chelakatet ECDE borehole at Morpus, Batei Ward, funded by St. George Baptist Church, Swansea, Massachusetts, USA.

The church also distributed food supplies where 45 bags of maize, 7 bags of beans, 15 sacks of rice were distributed and a team of doctors, clinical officers, and nurses conducted medical screenings for cancer and other conditions.

Led by Pastor Terry Wilder, the church has drilled additional boreholes at Orolwo and Kapsait Secondary School.

Governor Kachapin thanked the church for their support and encouraged the community to utilize local resources for income generation across the county. He urged the community to capitalize on the resources available in the areas such as Sebit factory to generate income through hospitality and hotel services. He also pledged support for the Ushanga initiative as a means of income generation.

Present were Deputy Governor Robert Komolle, Speaker Fredrick Kaptui, Area MCA Yusuf Longiro, Batei Ward and Patrick Lokomol, Chepareria Ward among other officials from the county and St. George Baptist Church.