Governor Kachapin Commissions Ksh. 10 million Road Project, Pledges to Revive Keringet University

Governor Simon Kachapin, flanked by his deputy Robert Komolle, commissioned the grading, gravelling, and installation of structures for the Keringet-Cheptuya-Kapteren road.

This 19-kilometer project, funded by Equalization Fund and valued at Ksh. 10 million, aims to boost transport and economic growth in marginalized areas of Cheptuya and Kapteren.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, Governor Kachapin expressed his gratitude to National Government for releasing Equalization Fund on time, enabling implementation of key projects within the county.

“Now, we can utilize the Fund to help our marginalized areas. We want these areas to be at par with the rest of the country,” noted the governor.

In addition to the road project, Governor Kachapin inspected the Keringet University campus, a facility that has been underutilised since its establishment.

Originally a campus of Kisii University, the Keringet University campus faced neglect due to political issues and a lack of support. Despite being the county's first university since achieving independence, the institution has remained deserted.

Governor Kachapin lamented the state of the campus, emphasizing the urgent need to bring it to life

“Since achieving independence, our county had never had a university. We built this together with the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), which is operational. We will work with the national government to make use of this facility and consult to find the best solution. This facility must be opened during my current administration," he asserted.

The governor stressed the importance of the university for the local community, noting that it would serve residents of both West Pokot and Trans-Nzoia, thereby indirectly benefiting the broader community.

"This facility will serve many of our people. My rallying call is to ensure all pending projects are fully implemented. We want to deliver good services to our people and avoid the immorality of politicking and misuse of resources," he declared.

Earlier in the day, Governor Kachapin visited Keringet Primary School, pledging his commitment to improving educational infrastructure.

Present were Majority Leader Martin Komongiro, area MCA Richard Todosia, nominated MCAs Esther Chepution, Shariff Kiptalam, Elijah Kasheusheu, CEC Rebecca Kide, Wilfred Long’ironyang, Chief Officers Reuben Lotumale, Naomi Lemreng among many others.